Yesterday I took Cialis but felt no arousal. What is the reason for this failure?
Cialis is not a stimulant. It rather acts as a “helper” of natural excitation. Only if a man has natural sexual arousal does the medication start to show its power; this effect can last up to 36 hours.

Can Cialis cause a heart attack?
Cialis is a medication that is popular for its smooth and soft effect on the human body. Prior to using these medications, you must consult a physician who will determine if this product is appropriate for you. These drugs, like many other drugs, have some concerns. The main concern is in the presence of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, if you have problems with your heart, you should turn to your doctor. By the way, if a person has any cardiovascular diseases, a sexual act can trigger a heart attack.

What is Generic Cialis and where can I find it?
Generic Cialis is a prevalent analog of the popular medication that has the same features but costs less. You can easily find it in the pharmacy and online. Don’t be misled by the name “generic.” These medicines are not inferior brands of Cialis.

Can I take Cialis with alcohol?
Cialis, like any other treatment, is not supposed to be ingested with alcohol. Of course, you can find information that Cialis can be taken with alcohol and fatty foods, but remember that the alcohol should be in moderate doses. Still, you are taking medications so proceed with caution.

Can I take Cialis every day?
Cialis pills exist in the dosage of 5, 10, and 20 mg. Doctors often prescribe 5 gr Cialis to patients for everyday usage. But, remember that this can only be done by a doctor. Independently reducing, and especially increasing the dosage of the drug is prohibited.

Can Cialis help patients with diabetes?
In scientific prosecutions, more than 60% of men with diabetes who took 20 mg Cialis tablets observed improvement in their erections. But remember that if you have diabetes, before taking medication, it is imperative that you consult your doctor.

Does Cialis effect sperm quality?
The active ingredient of this drug – Tadalafil – has absolutely no effect on the quality and quantity of sperm. Correctly using this medicine will allow you to forget what erectile dysfunction is. If you don’t have children because of erectile dysfunction, Cialis gives you a stable erection, in consequence, you will be capable of conceiving.

Can Cialis help me if I have erectile dysfunction due to fear of failure?
Cialis shows its effect only when men can naturally become sexually aroused. In fact, the reason for suffering from erectile dysfunction is not important for the drug. The main thing is that you have a natural desire.

Can Cialis cure erectile dysfunction permanently?
Many patients have noted that after using this medicine for some time, they begin to have sexual intercourse and to have a sustainable erection without consuming these pills. This is not surprising to us because, very frequently, the cause of erectile dysfunction is stress or fear. When a man becomes more confident, even if this confidence is provided by Cialis, he can have an erection without using pills.