Fear in an Intimate Place. The biggest Male Concerns!

Good quality sex never hurt anyone, but the male sexual fear is a big threat to his erection. More than half of the representatives of the stronger sex at least once in their life have faced the fright that he will have premature ejaculation or a fear of that his new partner will not like sex with him or fear that he will not be able to maintain a stable erection throughout the entire process. Whatever this fear is, it greatly affects the human psyche and can lead to erectile dysfunction. Intrusive, disturbing thoughts, such as “will I hold an erection?” and “Can I meet my partner?” often lead to the loss of libido among other consequences. Today we look at the basic uncertainties of men.

Fear of erectile dysfunction

As corny as it may sound, the main purpose that causes erectile dysfunction is fear of the possibility of such violations. ED is a very widespread disease that is actively discussed among men. Perfectly healthy men can hear about it from a friend who has erectile dysfunction, and he then he might begin to fear that this could happen to him. As a result, this panic can lead to erectile dysfunction in perfectly healthy men.

A fear of untimely ejaculation

Men are sometimes too concerned about delivering pleasure to a woman, and frequently the desire to impress the partner can be entirely overwheleming. In short, they get into trouble, and they can be named useless lovers because the anxious lover is not a lover at all, but a continuous example of rushing and tension. Actually, this tension is the heart of early ejaculation. Its essence lies in the inability of a man to continue intercourse long enough. The man quickly reaches excitation and has an orgasm too soon, surely without delay, but definitely wanting a little more time.

A fear not to please a partner

Very regularly men feel this fear when they have contact with a new partner. Though all men seem courageous and self-confident, they frequently have this distress. For every man, it is important to make a good impression during sex, especially with sex with a new woman. But fear that their beloved will not like the process can lead to the weakening of his erection.
If a person experiences fear before having sex with a new girl, he is coming into contact with stress and as a result, he will not be able to maintain a persistent erection. Thus, he falls into a vicious cycle: first, a person feels fear, which affects his potency, and then erectile dysfunction affects his masculine power.

We can say, that alarm is one of the main factors affecting erectile dysfunction, hence men should not think about the possibility that something can go wrong, and men should be more self-possessed. There’s no need to run to the doctor for a prescription of medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction immediately. Non prescription Cialis, for example, is an option in these cases. If this medicine will be prescribed you, you can easily find it at any pharmacy. But don’t forget to consult your doctor. This drug has some concerns that should be discussed with someone who is familar with your medical history.