Problems with Erectile dysfunction: is it Worth to Contact a Doctor?

Very repeatedly men or couples who have experienced problems with erection start to take any measures to overcome this disease. But is this always appropriate? Of course, there are many methods to improve erection at home but are you sure that they will help you. If you began to feel the deterioration of an erection, then you should consult a doctor. Only a specialist can help you to understand the foundations of disease and say can you cure it with traditional methods or you may to accept medical intervention. But the fact, that man will have to take some medications and was afraid all of them.

How often people are experiencing what is erectile dysfunction?

Sexual complications are quite conjoint in the broad population. While making a survey of healthy couples in middle age it was found that sexual disorders are found in 40% of men and 63% women: men is chiefly feebleness and premature ejaculation, in women powerlessness to accomplish orgasm. In the study, which is in the process of the medical examination conducted surveys of patients by general practitioners, sexual dysfunction was detected in 53% of them.
These results also signpost that the patients tend to keep silent about their sexual problems if a doctor does not ask them about it specifically. Only a small portion of persons who suffer from impotence, self-complained. Even patients, who after taking their assigned drugs are disrupted erectile function, often do not report about it. Couples who have sexual problems, more likely to change their behavior and habits than to seek medical help.

Why is it so hard to talk to the doctor?

The reason lies in the factor, that many people are having difficulty discussing issues of sexuality with doctors which were not subjected to systematic examination. In some cases, this may be due to shyness, embarrassment, humility, guilt, excitement or a sense of inferiority. Despite the progress in views on sexuality, many are saved to these issues the old attitudes. Typically, after the survey and identification of sexual disorders the patient thanks the doctor, to ask him about the status of sexual function. After these questions, the patients usually refer to a doctor as the competent, serious and attentive specialist.

Why is it so important to tell everything?

A frank approach to the discussion of sexual issues reduces the tension as of the doctor and of the patient, allows discussing the most searching topics. Frequently a patient will hide his fears and misconceptions about the disease. An honest conversation can find it. Symptoms of sexual dysfunction may be the first manifestations of the organic disease. In this regard, changes in sexual function at any age are an indication for a thorough medical examination of the patient. Thus, the physician is responsible for the establishment of an accurate and complete diagnosis, including both physiological and psychological disorders. The severity of sexual disorders should be considered in the context of the previous life of the patient, his way of life. First of all, you must consider a doctor as your friend who is ready to give you a good advice. Very frequently this advice is to take some pills, such as Cialis no prescription, which will return your previous sexual life.